Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waiting For Spring by Paris Designs with Coordinating Freebie

Ever start to do one thing and then end up doing something else?  Well, this kit is like that... started out as "Winter Fantasy" and ended up being "Waiting For Spring". I also got a coordinating freebie for you! Ready to see?  Ok... Here is the kit and a preview of the backgrounds. There are 2 other previews of elements not shown on the main preview at the store you can see. 

Waiting For Spring by Paris Designs

Do you enjoy the fun, whimsical side of life? Then "Waiting For Spring" is for you. This kit is versatile enough to be fun and whimsical but also can be just dainty, soft and pretty if you want it that way. Waiting For Spring kit covers the end of winter with some snow still falling lightly on one background, lightly misty on another background to soft and pretty and flowers on others. The elements take you on a faery journey when you just want to be outside and having great spring weather.

There are 8 backgrounds within the kit along with three zips of elements which include:
2 dog elements (one with tiny faery and one without)
1 clip
2 dot doodles
2 bubble elements
Little bridge
Faery sparkles
Cloud with hanging gems
4 different faeries
1 bird
1 bird on greenery
Transparent Bow
9 butterflies/dragonflies
2 faery houses (one with light)
10 flowers
2 glitter leafy shapes
Mixed stone pads
Mushroom forest
Tall unique mushroom with small ones
2 quirky ladybugs
Frog frame
2 flowers on ribbons
3 glitter splatters
1 flower corner elements
2 glitter grass and flower borders
flower doodle
3 tags
small mesh
1 faery nymph
paw print
5 shiny pebbles
Journaling paper
4 shear 17" thin ribbons
Ribbon with flower frame
Partial page wrap
folded ribbon
2 glitter trees
2 wings
Fun caterpillar
Faery light bulb separate from house

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If you love faeries, there are 4 in the kit to play with at the store. 

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