Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring in Paris by Paris Designs "Re-Release"

Spring in Paris by Paris Designs. PU Only.   $3.00 Only a small portion shown in above preview. 

Flowers and color everywhere. Lovers hands entwined, glasses raised in toast, petal soft shades to scrap your tender moments.
Available within this kit, flowers to accent, butterflies to dance, Paris nights to remember. It needn't be Paris, our kit will let you scrap those fond memories that flutter within your heart. Take our kit and put your memories to color, scrapping with the passion we've created for you within Spring in Paris. The kit was made using 12x12 and 300 dpi, jpg and png for ease of use and resizing.  Please see special thank yous in the TOU.

Shadows are on the bent photo frames with ribbons for realism. Shadows are on the small strings for the buttons to give the correct depth.
Shadows are on the stitches of the oval stitched frame for realism.
Shadows are on the small zig-zag stitch elements for realism.

The kit is 3 zips to download and includes:
27 BG's, 12x12
3 tags
1 12" lacing
4 smaller, long lacing w/fleur de lis
3 stitched oval frames
4 misc stitchings
14 different flowers/groupings with flowers
2 ribbons
13 misc embellishments (i.e. 2 statues, 2 clear paperweights with different items encased within, waiter, table/chairs, champaign/glasses, 3 different Eiffels, 2 different PARIS, a decorative bird, beveled and one not)
5 buttons
6 threads
4 doodles
10 butterfly's
8 bent frames w/ribbons

This is a re-release and has been QC'checked and updated.

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Hi - I am certainly glad to discover this. cool job!