Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

What a pre-holiday season it has turned out to be!!  We got the store 'opened' but just, the grand opening date has not been decided on yet.  We will definitely keep you all posted! Please head on over and register... don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!!  We are doing one thing I am very very pleased about. Quality Control! Nothing is going into the store for sale without going through the QC team. We want those little annoying problems you can find in kits stopped before they get to the customer. No nasty little surprises, or even little annoying ones are coming into the store and being sold.  We did get a Christmas kit in the store and have 2 more in the works.  To see it and more previews of what all is in it, go to the store!!  Flights of Fancy Click on the preview to head on over!!

Craft fairs all went by in a blur.  I was swamped before they got here and before I knew it they were over. I could tell by how exhausted I was I had done them though. The mess that is created when getting ready for them is still in evidence in the living/dining room in our apt. because I have not been able, or should I say not had the energy when I am home, to clear it away. The table and love-seat are piled high with multicolored pieces of materials, sewing machine, crates with glitter, glue, ribbons and buttons are stacked in the mess as well.  Here is a couple shots of one of the fairs, and it is only a couple areas of the table. I can say I make everything you see.

Then there is the unusual weather here in Paris. It has almost not stopped snowing. In the 12 years I have been here, never have I seen it like this. I am so glad I picked up a pair of boots when in Michigan this summer. I am not without them most of the time. Unfortunately my winter coat is packed somewhere down in our storage and I have yet to go and dig for it. So, I go out with 2 lighter coats, 2 scarves, sometimes 2 pair of gloves, hat and boots. My mom is sure I am not dressing warm enough, but I have the evidence. I look like a polar bear in blues. Only good thing is in the spring when I don't do this any longer, I look like I dropped an easy 20 lbs!

Why am I wearing all of this?  Simple... this is what I am wading through when we go outside.

This is the "Place des Fetes" where we live (Paris France). There were people all over the place and kids building snowmen. I have never seen so many different shapes and sizes with unusual decorations in one place. I was going to take photos the next day when I went out to walk the dog but some vandal had been busy during the night and they were all destroyed.

I chuckle each time I go out being from Michigan, watching the drivers who are trying to drive with their non-snow tires, tiny cars and lack of experience. Then I watch the crazy ones who actually walk out in front of the cars thinking because they are going slow they will be able to stop, when you can barely stand up it is so slippery.

We are going to have a late Christmas though. I worked up until today and hubby came down ill to start his vacation. He has been in bed for almost 2 days straight but starting to complain more so I think maybe he has passed the worst of it. No sense trying to do nice meals when he feels so crummy. I don't even have the tree up but did clear out the corner a little where I 'may' put a smaller version of what we usually put up. Not sure. It is so much work to put up and take down when you are not feeling good enough to enjoy it.

The daughter and grand daughter have made it home for the holidays (in Michigan) and we will try and hook up with everyone via phone to wish them a very Merry Christmas. That all said, I should get back to work on those kits OR work on getting a small tree up. Which will it be?

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  May it be filled with peace, happiness, love and good health.

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