Friday, December 17, 2010

Wow!! More designers and kits going into the store! ALSO.....

We are very sorry to say we had problems with an upgrade in the cart and had to redo it. Anyone who has registered as a customer to receive the newsletter will have to PLEASE -- RESIGN UP.  We lost our few registered customers... but hopefully we will get them all back and registered!


The good news is we have signed up a couple more designers, that makes 6 of us so far. The kits should start going into the store very soon. They are starting to go through the Quality Control Team. Each kit will be QC checked and if all is ok, given the "ok" to link into the store. You should see this little sticker either on a preview or in the description area saying all is well....

 although even if the designer doesn't put it in, it is not allowed to be linked into the store without the QC Okay!!

Still do not have a grand opening 'date', but it is basically open. We will continue to keep you updated!

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