Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The June 2011 for Flights of Fancy is available!

The latest newsletter is up.  Unfortunately it is not in PDF format, but a zip. Our editor may have fried her computer! Those things happen when you change countries. :(  Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Summer is upon us. Vacations, weather too nice to be setting in front of  your computer, family time... as well as many other reasons why you are out having fun and not scrapping. We are all feeling that same way. We head to the states in 2 weeks from today so the next newsletter may be a July/August issue and come out later. We are still working on that with our editor. Keep your eyes open for updates. They can be found on FB, here, on the FOFDS blog or at the store. 
We hope you enjoy this issue!

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