Monday, July 25, 2011

A word about a great Irish band....

I was able to go and see Switchback again last Thursday evening. We missed them last year in Charlevoix, and again when they were here in Alden this year. But, went to the "Barn" and heard them. A totally different repertoire of songs from the first time I had heard the. Had a great time. The crowd was smaller than normal due to Venetian Week in Charlevoix, but those of us there thoroughly enjoyed it. And, being the crowd was a bit smaller I had a chance to speak with Marty as well.  

I am adding their blog WayGoodMusic to my blog list.  Check it out. They do a large variety of music, all with lots of heart and soul touching. I personally tend to lean toward their Irish songs, some of the folk-like music but they have lots else to listen to. They would love to come to Paris, so we need to work with that and see what we can do. 

Also, if you want to follow their concert schedule to see if it comes to your area get added to their mailing list "Switchback/WayGood Productions, LLC" (email them and ask to be put on their list) or you can check out facebook as well.

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