Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The rain in southern France

I happened to be listening to the news yesterday and they said that for each meter square, 320 liters of rain fell Sunday night. As I think more in US measurements, that is very close to a 3x3 foot square and that is a LOT of water in one night.  And, it is raining here in Paris again today and the last I heard the southern part of France was to get more.

On a happy note, my daughter got a full time teaching job in Fayetteville NC in August. We were all thrilled for her as Michigan just has nothing to offer her anywhere near where we were living, including further south. But, it did cut into the time we were able to see her this summer as she left to move down before we returned to Paris. That was sad... but being a mom who wants to see her 'child' do the best they can in life, I am very proud of her to accept a job and pack up and move her and her daughter to a place where she knew absolutely no one. Being totally alone in a strange place... even with one other person with you... for some can be thrilling and for others totally traumatic. Going from the North to the South can be like moving to a foreign country in some aspects. Even the food changes, not to mention the accents/words. She seems to be settling in, so is our grand daughter so we are thrilled!! And she is loving her teaching position (6th grade---Math and Science).  Congratulations and we are so proud of you!

I have been back 3 weeks now and did manage to get the candle bag order done for the church. Now to start getting ready for craft shows. Which reminds me. If you have not checked out our other blog, take a moment to do so! You can find it at the left, Turtles Rainbow Gold where I did manage to get it updated about our note cards. As I get other things out and going, I will update it further with our other items. I also need to get a kit or two designed and at least one in the store. Now if I could just figure out a way to clone myself for a few weeks, to get everything I need to do done, and work at the same time, I would be all set!

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