Sunday, April 10, 2016

Enjoy, create, ethics and learning

This single post covers a lot of ground in a very short area. I will say what I think about each area and how it is in my life, I hope you at least think about each in yours.

If we could always enjoy what we do/create, the world would be a much better place and we would be happier. 

I seemed to have my nose stuck in a book a lot of the time, when it was not, I was outside exploring nature around me. Probably why I need it in my life now. 

The friends? I was never one to make a lot of friends. I seem to make them on line easy enough... but not in real life. I tend to push people away. Partly because my BS meter is non-tolerant. Partly because I expect people to do what they say and if they don't, well...I don't stick around for a lot more. I also say what I think which often gets me in lots of hot water. I don't have a great filter before it exits the mouth I guess. 

Ethical... yes. Speak the truth, be a good example, follow your faith. I really don't need to continue, you get the idea.

Never stop learning. If we do anything other than set in a dark room and do nothing we should always be picking up something. TV is full of things to learn, books, outside, our jobs...our life in general. Often we don't pay attention that we are learning, or maybe we are not 'seeing or hearing' to learn. 

Yes, a great deal was said in a very small space...and what did you think?

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