Sunday, April 17, 2016

This so reminded me of living in France. You are headed off in a car that you rented, in a country you don't know, depending on signs to tell you where you are going. Well, it is NOT happening. The signs tell you where you are not going. They don't tell you that the place you want is so many kilometers away and you are heading in the right direction. Nope, they say you are not heading toward a certain place.
This series of signs tells you are stuck right where you are. Can't go back, left, right or forward. Some circumstances are like that. You feel stuck where you are, emotionally and physically. Trying to deal with an addiction, trying to lose weight, trying to get out of a bad relationship... and on and on. 
But life is not regulated by a series of signs. YOU make the choices and you do the work to move on. If you are willing to make a move, do the CAN move on in any direction. Please don't make that direction backwards!

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