Saturday, April 2, 2016

I have to say, I feel like this is talking to me.  I was just looking at what I had posted the last couple of times and thought... "OMG, I am so behind on this, but life has just gotten in the way." To my own defense I do have a house and yard to take care of, still digging through boxes and getting rid of things. Up until 2 weeks ago mom was living here, but she fell, broke her leg (at 80!) and is now in a nursing home to heal and rehabilitate. So I spend a couple hours a day there. The house was too quiet with her gone so ended up going to the local animal control and picked up 2 cats and a dog, bringing the pet total to 6 if you count the 2 birds. I am also trying to get into my crafts again, both to make and sell which takes time. 

Life is always calling us... often in many directions at the same time. Are we listening? Do we take time to notice the birds singing? The leaves coming out in the spring... rustling in the breeze, turning in the fall and falling, the changes all around us each day? 

Today the snow if falling, I noticed the floors need a good vacuuming, laundry is piling up again but I also noticed that I am at peace with a purring cat or a dog asleep in my lap while I read a chapter in a good book. I am thankful for what God provides and that mom is healing, that I woke up feeling good and life may not always be calling the way I want, but it is definitely calling!!

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