Saturday, April 16, 2016

Your story

I am not sure I would have believed this in the past, but I do now. Curiously, the more you tell your story the more it seems to help as well as you work through things with the telling. There were stories that I could not get through without crying in the past. Now, only the recent hurts bring tears, the older things I can talk about freely. 

When you tell your story there is always someone who relates with it and you help by telling. Something else I would not have believed in the past was there were others who had gone through what I have. Not only are there others who have gone through the same thing, you can always find someone who has gone through something even worse. 

So when you think you are all alone and there is not anyone who will understand, WRONG.  There is someone out there who will understand and you are never alone. It may take some work to find them, find a support group, talk with your pastor, friends, get that story out. It is part of who you are and if you keep it hidden, you never really know yourself. We not only hide things from others but ourselves as well. How can you really know who you are and become who you are meant to be if you are hiding parts of yourself?

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