Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Weekend!!

I look so forward to weekends...2 days of rest, relaxing, not having to get up in the morning. Ok, so only 1 out of 3 happens, but I can dream!! Other than that, more of the same thing I do doing the week, only more so. 1 more meal a day than normal, more dishes, today I am even still doing laundry that did not get done this last week (or the one before that if I have to be honest). I felt like I was being smothered in dirty clothes...even though they were all hidden in hampers. I have a stack of homework for my french lessons staring at me each day, but of course I leave it until the day before class. I found we may get older, but our old habits are there to stay. I may try and break that habit, actually work on it 2 days before class.

I have a new kit that Michel started, I am trying to get finished and get it in Deco...Spring in Paris. I don't even have the previews together yet, but it is coming, soon! Need to get to work on April's PTP Club kit, and I have needlework that has been calling out to me for, ummmmm.... 3 years now to finish? And what am I doing? Making a blog post. I try and look on the bright side, if I were doing the other things, I could not be updating the blog and then would have to apologize again. On my list of things to do are a couple more blinkies and, a freebie for here. Maybe to coordinate with the new kit coming out....

On the up-side, several of my on-line friends are involved in the 3rd digi scrap race happening right now. Good luck to all of you!!! On the down side? Is there one? Of course there foolish to even think there may not be one! One of my designer friends is very ill, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I can't name a name but just pray for Pat's designer friend. It will work just as well! Also, we had one of our brand new CT's resign. Quickest on/off in history I believe. I removed her from the list so only those 4 are new. I tend to take these things much too personally, even if I am given a very legitimate reason for the person leaving. Ever do that? I am sure that at one time or another we all have taken things too personally.

My mom called earlier this week to tell me their apartment building was on fire during the night, they had to set in the car for 2 hours...their apartment was ok, thankfully, and no one was hurt. She called last night to tell me she bought a new mattress. She had back surgery a year ago and the doctor and her PT were actually concerned with the amount of back pain she is having...said she must get a firmer mattress. She did, said it felt like sleeping on a board, but, she was so surprised, has not had any pain all day. I wondered why she did not just write me her normal e-mail. I usually get at least one from her each day, each one telling me she understands that I am so busy and can't write right now. What a sweetie...backward guilt. I think she is just looking for reasons to call...wants to hear my voice and make sure I am actually ok, just swamped. Then with the time difference she calls around 8-10 pm...not my best time of the day, and usually around dinner time. (I know it is too late to eat, but we do it anyway!! Can I have a break here??) By that time of night I am tired, wanting to eat and relax and go to bed. I normally eat, relax a tiny bit and then get back on the computer! But not great at chit-chat. I have not been good about writing or calling and of course I don't visit but once a year. In that my daughter and I are alike. We communicate over the phone in short sentences. Hi...hi. How are you? Fine, tired, you? Fine, tired. Things going ok? Yes, suppose so. (Silence.... each is thinking, but saying nothing. The one who called, hmmm guess it was a bad time to call, but she sounds ok. The one being called, Now what do I say? No news, not really in the mood to talk, but she sounds ok, so I don't have to worry about her. ) Well, you are sure all is fine? Yes, all is fine, really. I will try and write soon...just busy. Ok. Me too. Good talking with you! Love you! Love you too, yes, glad to talk with you! Bye! Bye! My mom? She is the chatty one...can talk to people all day long, every day and loves it. My daughter and I...and my grand daughter all fit in this category, which I believe, are not. If I have actually talked with another human during the day, it fills my quota. I can write, but not really a "social" person. Speaking of being social... we have a dinner out tonight. The language will be french so at least I am not expected to say much. Up side? I don't have to cook and no dishes!! On that upside, I will sign off and go get ready!

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