Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ideas are just bouncing around!!

The wonderful thing about designing is one thing leads to ten others. Of course that is providing you are not in a creative dry spell. I am setting here this morning looking at the sun shining finally, our "badly in need of cleaning" apartment and a list of the next things I need to try and get done and think "I want to go out for a walk." I should but I won't, unless I pack a little lunch and make it during that time. With the camera of course.

I was looking through the site, reading threads and coming up with all kinds of ideas about add-ons to the kits we have, splitting them up, our next kit going into the club (is a fun and very colorful month coming!!) and know it will be a busy weekend and that I need many more days of being able to set at the computer uninterrupted (meaning not fixing meals, not sleeping, not going to work, you know the little things) to be able to complete my list in a timely fashion.

I have some kits to work on for the creative teams I am on as well. Just picked up an adorable one from Mona Minnie at Scraptures, called Fruity Fresh and a package of double stitched frames to go with it. I think it will make some great layouts, her kits always do!! I also have one from Carolyn Rupley at Deco Pages, Day at the Beach and two from Mary Ridgway, also at Deco Pages, Golden Summer and Simplicity. Get my thought process here? I am definitely thinking of summer, fresh fruit, beach time, picnics, vacation.... you got it. Also a great time to come up with even more ideas to create!

Well, so much for my dreaming of what is to come.... back to work!

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