Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Has it been more than 3 months?

It is so hard to believe that so much time has passed. Well, we did spend 6 weeks in Michigan, with many days resting in the sun, soaking up those rays on our tired bodies. During that time I don't think I spent more than a few hours on the computer. It was in the hot upstairs, and when I was not busy, running or doing something I needed to do, I was in the glider, reading a book. That's right, with a cold drink or hot coffee, depending on the time of the day. That was my "hiding spot" to relax and refresh. Normally, trying to read a book means a page when I get into bed, if I manage to stay awake long enough for a full page.

We visited family, friends, worked on the house and deck. Did not get everything done we wanted, but we never do. Had a nice time though!!

What did we do before we left? We got everything ready we could...and did get a couple of kits done. We had a ball with this kit...it was just bright and fun to do, complete with an empty bathing suit, laying ??? Where ever you want to put it... ;) HERE is the link for this kit! It is on sale right now for $4.00. What does it have in it? Here is the description and the contents of the kit...I will let you read for yourself.

This fun filled kit will supply all your summer scrapping needs, from quirky Quick Pages, to kites flying in the wind. It has everything you could wish for on a summer's day. Fill up that glass, kick off those shoes and grab Paris Designs newest kit - Sun Kissed to make your day complete. Kit includes:
24 patterned papers
6 plain papers with texture
9 arrows/signs
12 brads
6 drink glasses
7 overlays
3 quick pages
8 straight ribbons 17 inches long
9 curled ribbons, 12 inches long
8 staples
9 drink stirrers
3 kite and 3 butterfly tags
30 other assorted embellishments

Total 178 MB/139 items

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