Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trying my hand.... and now we try our hands together!

Big news!! Michel and I have been accepted as a design team at Deco Pages!! I have really not said much to anyone, but now it is official, I can say it. Interestingly I also entered a contest the same day I was put on the team, for designing the banner. My design is above. The voting will be after April 30. who knows, maybe it will win! The kit I used was Mary Ridgeway's January Club Kit, at Deco Pages. It should be in the store soon for sale separately. It was a big decision and step for us. Up to now I have been "dabbling" in design, and heavy into creative team (CT) work. I love that aspect, but as that is also needed, designing quick pages, doing CT work for for our own kits, I am getting both worlds. My list of things to do has just gotten much much longer with the acceptance to the team though. I am lucky my hubby takes an interest in design also and we can do this together. We can spend hours working on new items, papers, discussing colors, what we need, changes that need made. Now if we could just get a "wife" to clean the house and make the meals, life would be wonderful. This wife doesn't seem to do a good job of that, spends way too much time here in front of the computer (laughing). And with that you would think we would be loosing weight. Guess all of that setting does not help because that is not happening either! Keep watching... you will be some of the first to see our creations!

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