Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shaina's Birthday

Shaina's birthday was yesterday. Of course I for some reason was sure it was the 27th. Her mom laughed at me and is not for 2 more days. I said, are you sure? She laughed harder and said, yes, I was there. So...I said, ok, don't give her the e-mail cards yet and I will recall on Sunday. They both had a good laugh over the fact that Gma Patti got confused. I said, just think, in ?? number of years, you will be like me. That got more of a gulp than a laugh, but I got a good laugh from it! I did a quick layout of Shaina with the new kit. Ok, since you asked so nicely again... here it is.

The photo is actually 2 different ones. The background of it is from their trip to Paris at the terminal in Detroit...where it plays music and changes colors. The part of the photo with her was when they took the photo of her on her great grandma's bed after getting her hair all braided. I just extracted the 2 areas and put them together for the layout. Digital is so wonderful... no more pitched photos because they are not what we wanted or turned out badly. They can always be used for something!! There are 3 of us who are Taurus. Shaina, Michel and myself. My daughter is Aries. A bunch of strong wills there! is late and I am off to bed.
Night all!

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